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We specialise in a large variety of residential and commercial flooring options such as carpet, vinyl, wood, safety, LVT and laminate. KC Carpets & Flooring have over 20 years of experience within the industry catering to our customers across Dorset, Hampshire and the South. 

Our team have completed numerous flooring installation projects such as simple office carpet tiles, hospital hygienic coved skirting to entire home refurbishments. Browse our case studies for inspiration for your home or business in the hospitality, healthcare, education, leisure, office or retail sector today! 

Contact us today on 01202 679877 to speak to a member of our team to discuss your requirements. 

Carpet Flooring

We have a wide selection of carpets offering our customers numerous options available in a wide array of colours and patterns all to suit your budget.

Our carpets are manufactured by all the top leading brands ensuring quality and resistant fibres which are guaranteed to maintain their appearance even in high traffic areas. All our carpets come with different backings meant to protect them in all sorts of environments, irrespective of their humidity level.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a practical alternative to flooring for wet areas in your home, especially bathrooms and kitchens. The majority of vinyl flooring is slip resistant, durable plus quick and easy to wipe and keep clean. Vinyl flooring comes in various widths with a range of patterns and textures to choose from, including ceramics, metallic, marble and unique wood effects.

Wood Flooring

Wooden floors give the ultimate feeling of style and comfort bringing warmth to your home. The many reasons why so many people today choose wooden flooring.

We specialise in a wide range of wood flooring products, which give any home that natural beauty that wood brings. Choose from a wide range of wooden floors including Oak, Maple, Walnut, Cedar, Merbau, Bamboo and Ash.



10 little known facts about carpet

Versatile, attractive and hard-wearing, carpet is a fantastic choice of flooring but how much do you really know about this soft material that covers your home? Discover more about carpet with our 10 little known and interesting facts. 

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3 Top Tips for Retail Flooring

So, you’re looking for a new floor for your retail business but don’t know where to start. Don’t panic! The experts at KC Carpets, who boast 20 years of experience successfully installing quality floors for a range of happy clients, have revealed their top 3 tips for choosing the perfect retail flooring for your business.

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A Guide to Safety Flooring for Commercial Buildings

Renowned for its durable, high-quality and non-slip properties, our safety flooring is a perfect choice for a range of sectors wanting to ensure the health and safety of their employees and customers. Ideal for all sectors, including healthcare, education and retail, safety flooring is made from vinyl, silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides, which combine to create its unique, high-grip finish and smooth surface. It’s thanks to this unique mix of materials that make it so incredibly hygienic as its flat surface is easy to clean and maintain. 

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Why you should choose carpet for your family home

When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, there are many options available out there, from real wood to laminate and vinyl. While all these possibilities have several benefits, carpet is the clear choice for a safe and comfortable family home. Read on to discover why.  

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How to use Vinyl Flooring in the home

Rapidly growing in popularity, vinyl is an attractive, versatile and cost-effective option for flooring in a range of properties, both commercial and residential. Read on to discover how you can use vinyl flooring to create beautiful yet practical floors for your home. 

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The pros and cons of school flooring 

As the education sector feels the pinch in their budgets, having a resilient school floor that’s able to cope with the heavy footfall of busy classrooms and hallways is crucial. Read on for our list of the different school flooring options available from KC Carpets. 

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FFC Bournemouth 2019 Gets Underway

Football for Cancer's friendly Bournemouth league is finally underway, with our sponsored team, Team Mark Adams, kicking off on the 19th May.

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Local school flooring contractors

Whether you’re looking for carpets, resin or wood flooring for your school, the specialists at KC Carpets & Flooring can assist with superb flooring options.

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Should I choose carpet or wood flooring for my home?

Carpet and hard flooring both have their merits when it comes to choosing a surface for your home: our experts compare the two options.

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What are the benefits of laminate flooring in my home?

Laminate floors are low maintenance and hard wearing: our flooring experts discuss the top reasons to invest in laminate in your home.

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Support a worthy cause and donate to Football For Cancer today

KC Carpets is sponsoring Team Mark Adams and helping to raise money for local charity Football For Cancer

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What are the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles for commercial establishments?

Luxury vinyl tiles are a favourite for commercial establishments for their beauty, but what else do they offer? Our flooring experts explain why you should invest

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Which floors are best for a family home?

If you have children, your floors go through a lot. Our flooring experts discuss which options are best for spills, traffic and comfort

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What are the benefits of carpet tiles?

A midway point between carpets and hard flooring, carpet tiles offer the colour, warmth and sound absorption of carpets while being as easy to clean and maintain as hard flooring.


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What are the benefits of wood flooring?

Our wood flooring experts give their top tips on why wood is a great option for your home

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Upgrade your business for the New Year

Our flooring experts share their advice on how to freshen up your workplace for 2019

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Get your home ready for Christmas

Carpet fitters share their top tips on how to get your home Christmas-ready 

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A guide to the best pet-friendly flooring

Choosing a flooring type that will keep up with your busy lifestyle and will withstand the risk of damage from pets can be a challenge.

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What is the safest flooring option available?

We understand that the safety of the people around you is important, have you noticed that your employees are regularly slipping up due to your office flooring? Or the students in your school are always running down the stairs so you want to guarantee they won't slip and fall? KC Carpets & Flooring are one of the leading flooring specialists in the South, due to our wide knowledge of the flooring types we supply and install for our residential and commercial clients. Our experts discuss a few of the safest flooring options we provide in our product range.

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How to choose the right carpet fitters

When organising a flooring installation project, choosing the right carpet fitters is essential.

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Everything to know about carpet tiles

Carpet tiles have been a firm favourite in the education, retail, hospitality and office sectors for over 40 years. Carpet tiles are different from regular carpet as they are not just one continuous flooring solution, they're made of either multiple planks or tile shapes that can be individually removed by a professional carpet fitter. This flooring solution can give the effect of a normal carpet floor just with more benefits of flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you can also create a bold and unique floor with carpet tiles - as each tile is different you have the option of different colours or patterns if desired. 

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Which is the best commercial flooring type for my business?

For any commercial establishment, the flooring you decide to install has the power to work with or against your business. It doesn’t seem like an important part of your business, but if you choose the wrong flooring type it can become a hindrance to your team and clients. For example, for the retail sector it’s rare for our experts to recommend carpet flooring as it wouldn't be durable enough for the sector’s busy foot traffic, or risks of food or drink spillages. 

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Why choose us for office carpets?

A large majority of business owners opt for office carpets as they are dependable and cost-effective flooring solution that’s suited to their various needs. Our wide range of office carpets is available in lots of different styles and colours, to be a subtle or bold addition to your office space.

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What are the differences between laminate and LVT flooring?

It can be hard to tell the difference between two flooring types that look almost identical; although visually laminate and luxury vinyl tiles look similar, it’s their materials that make them vastly different. These flooring options are very popular with homeowners and business owners alike as they’re perfect for a kitchen, bathroom or dining area. Our experts are frequently asked what the differences are between laminate and LVT and the answer is simple; if you’re looking for a floor that is flexible, water-resistant and soft to walk on choose LVT, or if you want a floor that’s very similar to wood flooring’s properties but with a cheaper price tag, choose laminate! 

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Why is safety flooring recommended for hospitals?

The options available in most hospital flooring collections are limited due to the specific safety regulations that the flooring materials must provide. Laminate and safety flooring are the two most commonly found flooring types found in hospitals, they’re easy to maintain and are suitable for wheelchair and portable bed use. KC Carpets & Flooring are one of the leading hospital flooring suppliers and installers across Dorset and Hampshire, choose our team’ for a guaranteed professional and expert service.

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Update your carpet flooring just in time for student tenants

Summer is the perfect time for landlords to update wood, vinyl or carpet flooring, especially if their tenants are university students. Most students visit home during the summer, which leaves you with an empty house where you can make any necessary changes completely hassle-free. It’s inevitable that your tenants will eventually cause damage to the property’s vinyl, wood or carpet flooring, whether its accidentally dropping food or heavy furniture falling over it’s going to happen. That’s why you need durable flooring that will withstand any risks of damages for the upcoming years, find out which option would be best for you down below. 

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What are luxury vinyl tiles (LVT)?

You may have heard of luxury vinyl tiles quite recently as there’s been a big buzz about the flooring type, but LVT has been a popular choice for the commercial sectors for many years. Its appearance is often confused with laminate or wood, but it has all the benefits of durable vinyl flooring including its cost-effectiveness!

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School Flooring - A Solution for Every Area

Planning a flooring refurbishment in your school for the summer? We’re one of the leading school flooring providers and contractors in Dorset and Hampshire. Our positive reputation (as proven in our testimonials!) is thanks to our dedicated and loyal workforce based in Poole.

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Is commercial carpet the right choice for my business?

When replacing the flooring of a commercial business carpet is often the preferred choice. Carpet has been the number one choice in commercial flooring collections for numerous years, but what makes it so popular?

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What is safety flooring?

Safety flooring has been marketed towards all healthcare, education and retail sector businesses, but what exactly is it? Safety flooring is popular due to its hygienic material and nature, it’s installed in environments where safety needs to be a top priority. If you are an employer looking for a flooring that will be problem-free in your business, discover safety flooring in our store in Poole. Find out more by calling our experts on 01202 679877

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Why choose luxury vinyl tiles for an office refurbishment?

The flooring in an office refurbishment plays an important part in the overall tone of the environment. For some spaces, carpet flooring is at risk for stains, and wood flooring would be too echoey when in use. Luxury vinyl tile flooring for kitchen and bathroom spaces is ideal, as it’s water and stain resistant, but that’s not the only reason for its popularity!

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We're climbing for charity!

Christopher Rees, a loyal member of our team, is partaking in the Supersonic 10K and the National Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Make-A-Wish Foundation UK.

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Choosing flooring for the healthcare sector

As discussed in our previous news post, our experts recommended vinyl, safety flooring and laminate floors as they’re the most popular and effective for the healthcare industry. Healthcare environments need to be hygienic and safe for the range of potential patients the business cares for. Unlike many other businesses, there are specific criteria that doctors surgeries, hospitals, and clinics must abide by.

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Best flooring options for the commercial sectors

For commercial establishments, the flooring that’s installed within the different sectors plays an important part in assisting the efficient running of a business. Certain flooring types such as wood, laminate, carpet and vinyl can be ideal for certain areas or rooms in a commercial sector, but for other locations could be disastrous or too high maintenance. 

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5 reasons to update office flooring

Updating an office environment doesn't have to be dramatic or costly, whether you're looking for a subtle or dramatic transformation our team are happy to help. 

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Which is better for homes: Carpet or Wood flooring?

When furnishing your property or office environment, people often forget how important choosing the right flooring solution is. If you choose the wrong flooring solution you could lose out on numerous benefits that could help your lifestyle or even make it a burden. Carpet and wood flooring each have their own benefits and advantages, read below which would be the perfect choice for you. 

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How to transform your office on a budget

Keeping the office modern and stylish on a budget is always going to be tricky. The secret to keeping your office environment up to date is a durable, stylish but affordable vinyl, carpet or wood flooring. New flooring can completely change an office and it doesn't have to break the bank! 

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Revamp your hospitality premises for summer 2018

A durable and hygienic flooring option is essential for hospitality establishments. As your hotel or restaurant receives many visitors they could have a variety of allergies or cleanliness requirements that you need to cater towards. Install new flooring for this summer 2018, we provide high-quality flooring for entrances, receptions, corridors, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

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What are the differences between oak, maple and cedar wood flooring?

KC Carpets and Flooring Limited are one of the leading flooring providers in the South who specialise in wood, vinyl and carpet flooring. We’re experts in oak, maple, cedar, merbau, bamboo and ash wood flooring for both residential and commercial environments, at competitive prices. 

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What are the benefits of vinyl flooring for my property?

Choosing new flooring for a residential or commercial building can be tricky to decide, luckily vinyl flooring includes multiple benefits of durability, stain-and-water resistance, and soundproofing for an affordable stylish option.

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Prepare your home for the festive season with new flooring

With Christmas Day just 3 weeks away are you ready to host Christmas in your home? KC Carpets have over 20 years of experience transforming bedrooms, lounges, kitchens and bathrooms with new stylish flooring solutions of carpet, vinyl or wood. 

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