Why is safety flooring recommended for hospitals?


The options available in most hospital flooring collections are limited, due to the specific safety regulations that the flooring materials must provide. KC Carpets & Flooring are one of the leading hospital flooring suppliers and installers across Dorset and Hampshire, choose our team for a guaranteed professional and expert service. Laminate and safety flooring are the two most commonly found flooring types found in hospitals, as they’re easy to maintain and are suitable for wheelchair and portable bed use. 

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Benefits of Safety Flooring


Safety flooring is made of vinyl, silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides materials, that give it a non-slip finish that's ideal for the education and healthcare sectors. Having a slip-resistant floor is extremely important for hospitals, as you have a variety of different people visiting your establishment on a daily basis. You want your visitors to feel safe and protected when travelling through your hospital, some flooring types are not suitable as they’re too slippery for wheelchair users or elderly patients. A safety flooring installation is suitable to use for a variety of people with different ages and mobility capabilities! Safety flooring is also hygienic as it does not harbour any bacteria or allergens, which makes it safe for the healthcare sector as harmful bugs or infections won't be passed through to other patients. 

Our high-quality safety flooring range includes the popular brand Tarkett, who have over 200 different flooring styles so you’re sure to find the right floor to suit your establishment. Contact our team today on 01202 679012 to find out more about our hospital flooring range. 

Types of safety flooring 

  • Resin flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Smooth Flooring
  • Sports Surfaces 

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