Why choose luxury vinyl tiles for an office refurbishment?


The flooring in an office refurbishment plays an important part in the overall tone of the environment. For some spaces, carpet flooring is at risk for stains, and wood flooring would be too echoey when in use. Luxury vinyl tile flooring for kitchen and bathroom spaces is ideal, as it’s water and stain resistant, but that’s not the only reason for its popularity!

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The advantages of LVT 


LVT is an affordable option for many residential and commercial buyers. Luxury vinyl tiles can withstand heavy traffic, which is why they are regularly installed in office environments. You wouldn't have to worry about its durability, luxury vinyl tiles have a 25-30 year lifespan! Due to its longevity LVT is a cost-effective option for many of our customers, and as you can replace a tile if it’s damaged there’s no need for a complete flooring replacement. 

Quiet insulation benefits

Vinyl flooring is quieter to walk on when compared to wood and laminate flooring. Installing hard flooring could prove to be an issue in a busy working environment, and might even be a distraction for members of your team and management. Choose a guaranteed safe flooring option, the thickness of luxury vinyl tiles directly correlates to the amount of soundproofing, so browse our range to find the perfect choice for your business today.

Different styles 

We have an extensive range of luxury vinyl tile floors suitable for a variety of commercial premises. Find the perfect flooring that suits your business style with our expert team, we’re available on hand to provide our years of experience to help you make the right decision. Whether you’re looking for flooring that has a certain texture, finish, pattern or colour you’re in the best place for variety. 

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