Which is the best commercial flooring type for my business?


For any commercial establishment, the flooring you decide to install has the power to work with or against your business. It doesn’t seem like an important part of your business, but if you choose the wrong flooring type it can become a hindrance to your team and clients. For example, for the retail sector it’s rare for our experts to recommend carpet flooring as it wouldn't be durable enough for the sector’s busy foot traffic, or risks of food or drink spillages. 

So which commercial flooring option is recommended to the retail sector? Or any sector? Our experts discuss whether carpet, LVT, vinyl,  laminate, wood, or safety flooring is the best choice for the education, hospitality and healthcare sectors.  

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Which commercial flooring option will you choose? 

Education Sector 

Most commercial flooring options are suitable for the education sector, as they have a variety of areas such as classrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways that have different flooring requirements. Carpet tiles are popular for classrooms, staff rooms and hallways as they’re easy to maintain, slip resistant, and they withstand damage from foot traffic. Safety flooring is the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens due to its hygienic properties, that won’t harbour bacteria or spread germs between staff or students. 

Hospitality Sector 

For the hospitality sector, it’s common to install either safety, wood or carpet commercial flooring for a hotel, restaurant or cafe establishment. Wood flooring can add a sophisticated and luxurious feel to any restaurant looking to update their premises; it’s durable and long-lasting if regularly maintained, making it the ideal flooring choice. For restaurant kitchens, safety flooring is recommended as it’s water and stain resistant and stops the spread of germs - protecting the health of your staff and customers. 

Healthcare Sector 

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, laminate and safety commercial flooring are all favourites of the healthcare sector. Doctors surgeries and hospitals all require a non-absorbent and sterile flooring solution, that keeps its surrounding environment clean. Safety flooring paired with coved vinyl skirting is a necessity for the healthcare sector, as they both are easy to clean and provide a bacteria-free space. 

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