Which is better for homes: Carpet or Wood flooring?


When furnishing your property or office environment, people often forget how important choosing the right flooring solution is. If you choose the wrong flooring solution you could lose out on numerous benefits that could help your lifestyle or even make it a burden. Carpet and wood flooring each have their own benefits and advantages, read below which would be the perfect choice for you. 

We offer a variety of flooring options that include carpet, solid wood and engineered wood flooring. Our collection boasts hundreds of patterns, colours and materials that can be bespoke made to fit your style and needs for a residential or commercial environment. As one of the leading flooring suppliers in Dorset and Hampshire, we specialise in wood, vinyl and carpet flooring. Our team have over 20 years of experience and ensure every flooring project is high-quality and up to our high standards. If you need more advice or information about carpet or wood flooring contact us on 01202 679877

Benefits of each flooring type 

Carpet flooring

Carpet is ideal for family homes or offices that want a flooring solution that’s simple and problem-free. It rarely aggravates allergies or asthma, as carpet traps dust particles that hoovering can properly dispose of. Soft underfoot carpet flooring is comfortable to walk on and has soundproofing benefits that can keep noise under control, great for residential homes with children or pets. If you want a safe flooring solution that prevents slip and fall accidents carpet is always recommended. The material is less slippery when compared to its competitors, and if someone were to take a tumble its soft material would help prevent any serious injuries. 

Wood flooring 

For a long-term flooring solution wood flooring is the renowned option that lasts for decades and even a lifetime. Wood flooring comes in a range of different wood types that include oak, maple, cedar, walnut, bamboo, ash and merbau. It's durable against warping over time, or changing when in contact with moisture more so than its competitors, making it ideal for buildings that want a floor that’s going to look good for many years. If you want to add a traditional or luxurious tone to your home or business we recommend durable wood flooring, it’s visually stunning and while it does require more maintenance, in the long run, it’s worth it. 

We are a professional supplier and installer of vinyl, carpet and wood flooring throughout the commercial and residential sectors. To find out more about our flooring products, contact us today on 01202 679877

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