What is the safest flooring option available?


We understand that the safety of the people around you is important, have you noticed that your employees are regularly slipping up due to your office flooring? Or the students in your school are always running down the stairs so you want to guarantee they won't slip and fall? KC Carpets & Flooring are one of the leading flooring specialists in the South, due to our wide knowledge of the flooring types we supply and install for our residential and commercial clients. Our experts discuss a few of the safest flooring options we provide in our product range.

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Top 3 flooring types that ensure safety 

Quantum Nosings

Quantum Nosings are essential in a commercial business that has stairs, as they prevent people from slipping and falling causing themselves an injury. Also known as stair edgings they are a slip resistant material that’s attached to the edge of each step, so people can clearly define the steps when walking up or down them. Quantum nosings also reduce the amount of wear and tear to the flooring used on your stairs, which is very beneficial in prolonging the lifetime of your flooring addition. 

Safety Flooring 

You may have already guessed but safety flooring has been specifically designed to be a safe flooring option for the commercial sectors. Safety flooring is made with vinyl, silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides that together give it a non-slip finish. It’s incredibly easy to mean as it doesn’t harbour bacteria or spillages, that’s ideal to be used as sports or school gym flooring surface. 

Carpet Flooring 

A favourite in residential homes carpet flooring is a quick option to create a cosy and homely atmosphere to any bedroom, lounge, corridor or home office. Not only does carpet flooring have many benefits of insulation, comfortable on foot, and a variety of colours and styles to choose from it’s slip resistant. The materials used in carpet prevents the risk of slip and fall accidents, which is ideal for homeowners with young children or elderly relatives. 

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