What is safety flooring?


Image reference: tarkett.co.uk 

Safety flooring has been marketed towards all healthcare, education and retail sector businesses, but what exactly is it? Safety flooring is popular due to its hygienic material and nature, it’s installed in environments where safety needs to be a top priority. If you are an employer looking for a flooring that will be problem-free in your business, discover safety flooring in our store in Poole. Find out more by calling our experts on 01202 679877

Styles of safety flooring 

  • Resin flooring
  • Rubber flooring 
  • Smooth flooring
  • Sports surfaces

Benefits of safety flooring 

Created for safety in mind - Unlike other flooring types safety flooring was specifically designed and tested to be safe for multiple environments. It’s different from normal vinyl flooring as its made with vinyl, silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides to give it a non-slip finish. With your new flooring is for an education or healthcare environment, you will have guaranteed peace of mind for your visitors' wellbeing. 

More hygienic than other floors - As safety flooring is non-porous it’s easier to keep clean from any food or drink spillages. Environments where hygiene is a must such as hospitals, gyms, and care homes, would benefit from safety flooring greatly. Choose safety flooring for a safe and reliable flooring option for your business. 

It’s hard wearing - Safety flooring is always recommended for businesses that experience high traffic. Safety flooring material is very durable, and unlike other flooring options that would chip or crack under pressure, vinyl can withstand frequent use. You also don’t have to choose safety over fashion, we have a variety of different styles and colours that will suit your brand. 


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