What are the differences between oak, maple and cedar wood flooring?


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As we provide a vast variety of wood flooring options our experts have compiled a few of the benefits oak, maple and cedar flooring offer. If you need more advice or information about any of our products or services for your home or business, contact our team on 01202 679877

White oak wood flooring

White oak is the most popular flooring type for homeowners in the UK and around the world as it’s visually beautiful whilst being very durable against damage. White oak is a light wood coloured option available in both solid wood and engineered wood flooring, and is very cost-effective due to its long-lasting properties. 

Maple wood flooring 

Maple wood has a Janka hardness scale of 1450, which means it’s extremely durable and strong with a light smooth grain appearance. Maple is a white hardwood that has a red or yellowish tone that suits many commercial and residential environments. It is the lightest wood flooring option of our collection, and maple wood adds a contemporary look to any room it’s installed in. 

Cedar wood flooring 

Cedar wood flooring gives a traditional and rustic tone to any home or commercial building, due to its warm coloured hue and distinctive appearance. Cedar has high insulation benefits and can absorb noise, which is perfect for busy households or offices. It is more resistant to rot and insect damage than its competitors and doesn't warp or change when in contact with moisture or in extreme temperatures. 

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