What are the benefits of vinyl flooring for my property?


Choosing new flooring for a residential or commercial building can be tricky to decide, luckily vinyl flooring includes multiple benefits of durability, stain-and-water resistance, and soundproofing for an affordable stylish option. We offer a variety of flooring options at KC Carpets that includes luxury and sheet vinyl flooring, available in thousands of patterns, colours and materials that can be tailored to fit your needs for your home or office. 

KC Carpets are an established Dorset company that operates throughout the South and supplies a wide selection of vinyl flooring. The team includes 10 installation fitters that are CHAS registered and members of the Construction Line and Contract Flooring Association, we have a wealth of expertise with over 20 successful years in the business.

The Benefits of Vinyl Flooring 

Water and Stain Resistant 

Vinyl is extremely easy to maintain when compared to carpet or wood competitors when stained with food or drink you can simply wipe away the mess without worrying about any permanent damages. For example, if you spilt red wine onto carpet the stained area will always have discolouration, with vinyl this isn’t an issue. We recommend vinyl flooring for kitchens and bathrooms as these areas are subjected to fluids every day, this can be time-consuming to maintain, so why not take the stress away with installing new vinyl flooring. 


One of the main reasons vinyl flooring is so popular is that it’s incredibly versatile in blending in with a home or office environment. Available in various widths to suit your room space, vinyl flooring has a range of different patterns, styles and colours to perfectly match its surroundings. A modern and contemporary flooring solution vinyl flooring will add a touch of class to your home or commercial building, at an affordable price - what’s not to love!  


Perfect for commercial buildings vinyl flooring is long-lasting against high foot traffic from employees and visitors, it’s usually a replacement for carpet as for offices it’s an easier option to maintain every day. For residential homes vinyl is also a good choice as not only is it comfortable underfoot it has soundproofing benefits as it reduces noise, ideal if you have children or pets. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that needs to keep up with your family’s lifestyle then consider durable vinyl flooring from KC Carpets and Flooring. 

We are a professional supplier and installer of vinyl, carpet and wood flooring throughout the commercial and residential sectors. To find out more about our flooring products, contact us today on 01202 679877

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