What are the benefits of luxury vinyl tiles for commercial establishments?


Luxury vinyl tiles are a favourite for commercial establishments for their beauty, but what else do they offer? Our flooring experts explain why you should invest.

One of the most versatile flooring choices when it comes to commercial fit-outs, luxury vinyl tiles are renowned for being long-lasting and cost-effective. This flooring option can offer you plenty though: we asked our experts for their top reasons for why you should consider luxury vinyl tile flooring.


Luxury vinyl tiles are warmer underfoot than the likes of stone and wood flooring, and the thickness of the tile provides a cushioned feel. It’s easy to install underfloor heating with luxury vinyl tile and the average tile insulates sound too, making it a great flooring option for the workplace.


Luxury vinyl tiles are designed to withstand heavy traffic, which is perfect for commercial establishments. As most of these tiles are made from 100% vinyl, they meet building standards and with flame and moisture resistance, they’re perfect for all kinds of environment.

Quick installation

In comparison to wood, ceramic or stone flooring, luxury vinyl tiles are extremely quick to install, so you need not close your workplace for too long while you’re having the floor redone. Luxury vinyl tiles can be installed over concrete and it’s easy to stick down with vinyl adhesive.

Easy to maintain

Luxury vinyl tile is really easy to clean, and its protective layer provides good resistance against scratching, scuffing and chipping. Should you damage the floor somehow though, the advantage over vinyl roll is that you can replace individual tiles as opposed to the entire floor.

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