What are the benefits of carpet tiles?


Carpet tiles can be a great option either in residential or commercial settings, so read on as our carpet experts discuss the advantages of investing in them.

Simple installation

Unlike a lot of flooring options, carpet tiles are not only simple to install, but also really easy to replace. The fact that you can add them to the floor individually makes fitting them a lot quicker, but it also means that it’s easy to replace a few at a time should you need to.


Carpet tiles are very durable. Designed to cope with heavy traffic, most carpet tiles are low pile and tight, meaning that they hold up well to heavy use. Carpet tiles are a popular choice for offices thanks to their durability.

Easy to maintain

Carpet tiles are simple to clean, as they just need regular vacuuming and brushing like you would clean any other carpet. The capability of being able to remove specific tiles also means that you can clean specific tiles if necessary, too.

Trap less dirt

Because carpet tiles are low pile and tighter than a lot of carpets, they can trap less dirt and grime. They can be better for indoor air quality and allergies, making them a warmer alternative to hard surfaces.

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