Upgrade your business for the New Year


New Year is a time for fresh starts, and that can go for your business too; investing in new furniture and flooring can be a good way to make your workplace feel more vibrant and modern, but also cleaner and more comfortable. With that in mind, we asked our flooring experts for their top tips on how you can freshen up your workplace for the New Year.


Before you start replacing individual items of furniture, consider whether the overall layout of your room is as efficient as it could be. If you have a hotel reception for example, is the front desk in the perfect place? Could you adjust a few things in the lobby to bring in a sofa for guests to use? Optimising the layout of whatever room you’re looking to improve can help you make more of your space.

Seating options

When it comes to furniture, there are few things that can be as satisfying to invest in as chairs or sofas, simply for the comfort factor! Upgrading the chairs in a school or office can help to increase productivity as well as aid health.


New floors can brighten up a room like nothing else. Carpets can look worn and old after a while, and despite how much you try and clean them, sometimes it’s far more beneficial to just buy a new one; a new carpet can leave your workplace smelling fresher, looking brighter and feeling a lot more comfortable underfoot. There are few room improvements you can make that are more worthwhile!


Whether you work in healthcare or education, a new desk can be hugely beneficial. Not only can it feel nicer to sit and work at, it can help to improve posture and give you long-term benefits. Desks can also provide good storage options and help to save space.

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