Update your carpet flooring just in time for student tenants


Summer is the perfect time for landlords to update wood, vinyl or carpet flooring, especially if their tenants are university students. Most students visit home during the summer, which leaves you with an empty house where you can make any necessary changes completely hassle-free. It’s inevitable that your tenants will eventually cause damage to the property’s vinyl, wood or carpet flooring, whether its accidentally dropping food or heavy furniture falling over it’s going to happen. That’s why you need durable flooring that will withstand any risks of damages for the upcoming years, find out which option would be best for you down below. 

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Best vinyl, wood and carpet flooring options 


A kitchen area is subjected to numerous risks that other areas of a home doesn't, such as food and drink spillages. Carpet flooring wouldn’t be recommended as it’s not resisting against stubborn stains unless you had a professional carpet cleaning every time but this would prove to be very costly in the long run. The best option in our experts’ opinion is vinyl, wood or LVT flooring, as they’re easy to wipe away stains and any other messes caused by your tenants. Our flooring ranges can be browsed in our Poole office, where you can see for yourself their durability and styles to suit your rental property. 


We recommend luxury vinyl tiles for a bathroom as they’re versatile and flexible to many homeowners needs and styles. You need a flooring option that won’t be a problem for your tenants, so LVT is ideal as it’s popular for both residential and commercial areas. It’s different from its flooring competitors as if a plank is damaged there’s no need for an entire floor replacement, you can simply replace the one plank, which will save you hundreds in the long run. Interested in finding out more about LVT? Contact us today on 01202 679877. 


The easiest and most manageable flooring type in hallways for tenants is carpet flooring. It’s the most popular flooring option as it’s a staple in most homes across the UK. The number one risk hallways experience is foot traffic from your tenants walking in, out and around your property. Carpet, wood and laminate flooring are perfect for hallways and in rental properties, why not find out more about the benefits by talking to a member of our team

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