The pros and cons of school flooring 


As the education sector feels the pinch in their budgets, having a resilient school floor that’s able to cope with the heavy footfall of busy classrooms and hallways is crucial. Read on for our list of the different school flooring options available from KC Carpets. 


A highly popular choice, carpets are a durable, low maintenance option for school flooring that can transform an otherwise sterile room into a cosy, welcoming space. As it’s available in a huge array of styles, colours and finishes, carpet can fit in easily with the school’s identity. Carpet tiles work well in a school environment because if an accident does happen, only the damaged tile needs to be replaced.  

Vinyl & Safety 

Vinyl is a great option for school flooring as it’s practical, cost-effective and particularly easy to maintain due to its stain and water-resistant properties. Like carpet, it can withstand a high volume of foot traffic and comes in a variety of styles. However, it may not be practical for corridors as it can become slippery when wet, not ideal if students are coming in from the rain. 

Safety flooring is different from normal vinyl as it boasts a non-slip finish, ideal for games courts or hallways.


Practical yet stylish, laminate has the look of real wood or tile but is much more budget friendly. It is made from many layers of materials and its long-lasting, scratch-resistant nature helps defend against wear and tear, a sought-after quality for school flooring. However, if it does become damaged it can be difficult to repair. 


Undoubtedly the most luxurious and long-lasting school flooring option available, real wood creates a sophisticated and rich atmosphere to any room and comes in a variety of finishes and styles. However, hard wood is expensive and can be easily damaged so it may not be a practical solution for school flooring. 

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