Signs that it’s time for a new carpet


If you have noticed that the carpet is becoming frayed or threadbare and you’ve been over the affected area with a vacuum and a brush and the carpet is still looking flat, lifeless or discoloured then it might just be time to invest in a new carpet. Here are a few more signs that your carpet might need replacing.

The carpet has stains

If, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get rid of a stain, we always recommend calling in professional cleaners as the first port of call. If, however, they too are unsuccessful, then it’s time to cut your losses and go carpet shopping. Stains are just unsightly and will make even the stylish of homes look unloved.

Bleach spots

Bleach marks on carpets at home are more common than one might think. During cleaning day it’s can be quite easy to spill some bleach on the floor whilst carrying around cleaning products that either contain bleach or are 100% bleach. Accidents happen, and when this one happens, there is not much either you or a professional carpet cleaner can do. Time for a new carpet.

Strong odours

Does your home always seem to have a musty or stuffy smell even after you’ve just vacuumed or cleaned? It could be that your carpet is to blame; dirt can very easily work its way into the fibres, especially if your carpet hasn’t been shampooed regularly. All those spills, muddy shoes or paw prints and pet accidents can all add up to unpleasant and lingering smells.

The carpet looks unappealing

You’ve just moved into a new house and the old owners had no sense of style – the carpets are not colour coordinated and they are old – time for a new carpet!

Similarly, if your carpet just looks old, dated beyond repair, or simply does not match with you new home renovation, you won’t believe the difference a new carpet could make to your home and your mood.

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