Should I choose carpet or wood flooring for my home?


The decision of whether to opt for carpet or hard flooring is one that many homeowners struggle with. Both have obvious virtues, but which is best for your specific needs? Read on for our expert comparison between the two.


As you may expect, carpet is far warmer underfoot than hard flooring. This is one of the principle reasons that many people invest in carpet, though choosing wood flooring and installing underfloor heating is an option, should you want the aesthetic of wood with added carpet. You can add rugs to wood flooring, too.


Wood flooring is really easy to maintain and doesn’t harbour any allergens or carpet mites. You can wipe wood floors clean easily, whilst carpets require vacuuming and the occasional professional clean. Carpets however don’t need to be mopped like hard flooring does.


Carpets can look vibrant and inviting in your home; you can choose bright colours or shades that complement the rest of the décor. Wood flooring has a timeless vibe to it and gives off a modern, minimal vibe. Ultimately, whichever you prefer is up to you, as both have their aesthetic merits.

Use in a family home

Children and pets like to sit on carpets, as they’re more comfortable for them. Carpets are good for families, but cleaning poses more of an effort with carpets than it does with wood flooring.

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