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Planning a flooring refurbishment in your school for the summer? We’re one of the leading school flooring providers and contractors in Dorset and Hampshire. Our positive reputation (as proven in our testimonials!) is thanks to our dedicated and loyal workforce based in Poole. Flooring for the education sector must follow a set of regulations and standards, to ensure a healthy and productive learning environment for students of all ages. 

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Flooring types for every area of your school


Flooring for school classrooms has the effect to be a distraction or improve concentration in an educational environment such as schools, universities or colleges. Classrooms are where students spend most of their day, so it’s important to make the right decision. Furniture, decor and light can affect a students’ learning, so ensure you choose flooring that will reduce noise, withstand accidental spillages, and could improve air quality. We recommend carpet for classrooms as it’s easy to clean, and comfortable to walk and sit on, which is essential for younger students in particular. 


Corridors within schools are areas that experience the highest volume of foot traffic. Walking through school corridors you will see students either socialising or finding their classroom, the flooring in corridors needs to be durable enough to withstand these daily events. Our team recommend safety flooring for school corridors as it’s easy to clean and maintain, which is ideal as corridors are always busy so a flooring solution that caters to this is ideal. 

Toilets and changing rooms 

A hygienic flooring choice for toilets and changing rooms is extremely important. These areas need to have flooring that doesn't harbour bacteria or germs to stop the spread of potential bugs or illnesses for students. We recommend vinyl or safety flooring for changing rooms and toilets as they have a non-slip material that’s extremely beneficial in this kind of environment. 

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