Revamp your hospitality premises for summer 2018


A durable and hygienic flooring option is essential for hospitality establishments. As your hotel or restaurant receives many visitors, they could have a variety of allergies or cleanliness requirements that you need to cater towards. Install new flooring for this summer 2018, we provide high-quality flooring for entrances, receptions, corridors, dining rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Choose one of the leading flooring providers and installers in Poole. We supply not only for the Hospitality sector, we’re also experts in flooring for the healthcare, education, leisure, office and retail sectors. For more information about commercial flooring, call the team on 01202 679877. 

Benefits of wood, vinyl and carpet for the hospitality sector 


Wood flooring for the hospitality sector would be ideal in areas such as receptions, boardrooms and entrances as it gives a classic and luxurious tone to any room, perfect for high-end hotels, restaurants and cafes. Wood flooring is incredibly resilient and durable, and when compared to vinyl and carpets it's more cost-effective from how long it lasts and maintains its quality. If wood flooring receives damage from scratches, sanding and sealing the floor solution will bring it back to life and looking completely new, this is a quicker option as it wouldn't need replacing. 


Vinyl flooring for the hospitality sector is always in high demand due to its versatility and cost-effectiveness. Available in hundreds of styles and colours to suit different rooms in your building vinyl flooring is perfect for corridors, kitchens, bathrooms, and dining rooms. Vinyl has a protective layer that protects the flooring from water, stains and spills that could damage its quality. As this is common in the hospitality sector we recommend vinyl flooring for hospitality businesses, as it’s a more easy maintenance option compared to others. Vinyl is also a hygienic flooring option, as it doesn't collect dirt or allergens in its material, ideal for any environment. 


Carpet is a popular and safe option for entrances, receptions, bedrooms and corridors, as it prevents slip and fall accidents from occurring. For these areas in the hospitality sector comfort and hygiene are important, and carpet also improves air quality by collecting surrounding allergens and dust, which then can be removed by hoovering. Carpet is available in hundreds of colours, patterns and texture to perfectly suit any business establishment, and its acoustic benefits of absorbing sound are beneficial for surrounding neighbours. 

We are a professional supplier and installer of vinyl, carpet and wood flooring throughout the commercial and residential sectors. To find out more about our flooring products, contact us today on 01202 679877

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