Proud suppliers of eco-friendly Sedna Carpets


We're proud to be suppliers of Sedna Carpets, an innovative flooring solution made from recycled waste material, including abandoned fishing nets, that have fallen to the bottom of the ocean. You'll find the full range at our shop in Wimborne - coming soon!

Saving thousands of lives each year

This ground-breaking flooring is made possible thanks to the development of ECONYL regenerated nylon which, as its name suggests, is made using regenerated material such as old carpets and those nasty abandoned nets. By collecting ghost nets and repurposing them to create this luxurious carpet, Sedna helps save thousands of marine animals’ lives each year. That’s because when nets are left to float in the ocean, sea creatures such as turtles, dolphins and seals can become entangled and trapped. In fact, abandoned fishing nets is such a wide-spread problem that they account for one tenth of all marine litter and are responsible for killing over 100,000 sea animals each year. 

Recycling waste plastic into useful material

It’s not just the collection and recycling of fishing nets that make Sedna Carpets a fantastic and eco-friendly flooring choice. The beautiful carpets also boast a special ECO FusionBac textile back which is made from 100% PET recycled plastic bottles. By recycling waste plastic in this way, Sedna and its customers are preventing even more plastic from contaminating our waterways and landscape, a devastating problem that we have become more and more aware of over the last few years. 

Why choose a Sedna Carpet?

By choosing a Sedna carpet, you’ll be actively helping to clean up our oceans, ridding them of dangerous pollutants and saving thousands of our precious sea creatures’ lives. What’s more, as the carpets are also made from other recycled materials, you will be playing your part in reducing other types of waste and reducing our reliance on landfill. By choosing an eco-friendly carpet, you don’t have to compromise on quality either. Sedna products are all exceptionally soft, luxurious and highly durable, making them the ideal fit for any home. They are also available in a range of beautiful colours and rich textures so you can create your dream look without it costing the Earth. 

To learn more about KC Carpet’s range of Sedna flooring, contact us today on 01202 679877.

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