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Schools require durable, long-lasting flooring that stands up to the pressures of heavy foot traffic, spillages and potential damage. Whether it's classroom or corridor flooring you need fitting, our experts can provide you with the perfect choice.


Classrooms face a lot of foot traffic and investing in flooring that is suitable for the hustle and bustle of a school is a priority. Whether you favour carpet or carpet tiles for your classroom, investing in long-lasting, high quality flooring can reduce trip risks and improve the atmosphere of the classroom.

At KC Carpets, we can also provide resin flooring, perfect for science classrooms that require low maintenance and chemical resistance.


For school halls and gymnasiums, carpeted flooring is not the prefered surface. Resin flooring is a far more practical option thanks to its durability and ability to cope with high foot traffic.

At KC Carpets & Flooring, our specialists are capable of tailoring flooring to your requirements and can even give your resin flooring a coloured finish depending on what kind of style you’d like.


Whether you’re looking for carpet for the corridors of your school, or you would like a harder resin flooring instead, our experts can advise you accordingly.

You may even opt for wood flooring in the corridors of your school, as it’s important to have something that’s easy to clean and something that won’t absorb too much dirt. We have a wide range of flooring surfaces that can stand up to heavy traffic and we can offer bespoke flooring solutions depending on your needs.

We are a professional supplier and installer of carpet and flooring throughout the commercial and residential sectors. To find out more about our carpet, vinyl and wood flooring products, contact us today at 01202 679877.

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