Is commercial carpet the right choice for my business?


When replacing the flooring of a commercial business carpet is often the preferred choice. Carpet has been the number one choice in commercial flooring collections for numerous years, but what makes it so popular? When compared to vinyl, laminate and wood flooring, carpet can seem more high maintenance, but equally offers levels of durability that other flooring types often can't compete with. Carpet can be customised in colour, pattern and texture to suit a variety of different tastes, this is a proven hit with business and homeowners alike. 

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Benefits of commercial carpets 

Easy to clean

We all know how easy it is to clean commercial carpets, hoovering and an occasional deep clean will do the trick! Choosing carpet for you commercial building provides not only a high-quality flooring solution, but one that requires little time and effort when it comes to maintenance too. 

Improves air quality 

As commercial carpets trap airborne dust and allergens it should improve the air quality within your business. Commercial carpets keep these particles in its flooring material, that should help stop them from circulating around your business. As long as the flooring is regularly hoovered to remove the dust and allergens, you will have a safe environment for your workplace and visitors. 
Could increase employee productivity 

Employees work more effectively in a professional environment that they appreciate. A quick transformation with a brand new carpet could bring your office interior back to life. It could also increase employee productivity as it has noise control benefits from soundproofing insulation.  

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