How to use Vinyl Flooring in the home


Rapidly growing in popularity, vinyl is an attractive, versatile and cost-effective option for flooring in a range of properties, both commercial and residential. Read on to discover how you can use vinyl flooring to create beautiful yet practical floors for your home. 

Vinyl in the bathroom

Bathrooms are without doubt the wettest room in the house as people jump in and out of the shower, splash about in the sink or create a mini steam room with a hot bath. From all this excess water you need to choose a flooring that can cope. As vinyl has a much higher water resistance than other options such as carpet or wood, it makes the perfect choice for your bathroom floor. What’s more, at KC Carpets and Flooring, our range of vinyl is anti-slip to help avoid accidents and falls. It also works well in entrance halls and utility rooms where muddy, damp shoes are often discarded.

Great for the kitchen 

As well as their excellent waterproof quality, Vinyl floors are super easy to clean and boast a high level of stain resistance. Such abilities make for an excellent kitchen floor so if a blob of jam from your morning toast falls off the knife or a plateful of spaghetti tips off the table, you can relax knowing all you have to do is clean up the remnants and run a damp cloth over the area. 

A variety of vinyl flooring finishes 

Vinyl is also particularly hard wearing and durable, so it can easily handle busy areas of your home that suffer from a lot of heavy foot traffic such as hallways and entrances. In fact, as vinyl is available in such an array of textures, colours, patterns and finishes including marble, wood, tile and stone effects, it is a great choice for any area in your home. 

The team at KC Carpets and Flooring have years of experience supplying and installing vinyl in a number of residential properties across the south. To find out more about our range or vinyl flooring products, contact us today on 01202 679877


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