How to transform your office on a budget


Keeping the office modern and stylish on a budget is always going to be tricky. The secret to keeping your office environment up to date is a durable, stylish but affordable vinyl, carpet or wood flooring. New flooring can completely change an office and it doesn't have to break the bank! 

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Flooring options for office environments 

The boardroom 

Carpet flooring for office boardrooms is ideal as they have numerous benefits that include noise control, stain resistance and insulation properties. Creating a professional atmosphere in your office boardroom is vital to keep employees and clients motivated and comfortable when having important presentations and discussions. Flooring that is low maintenance, and long-lasting against wheeled office chairs is essential that’s why carpet is our recommendation for the office sector. 

Open plan office

The best flooring type for an open plan office, depending on your establishment, is either carpet or wood flooring as their material is more suited to a large office space. Robust in size, carpet and wood flooring each have their own benefits, which they can individually bring to an open plan office. Wood flooring doesn’t warp or change when in contact with moisture or in extreme temperatures and can last for decades for your office if maintained regularly. Carpet is soft and quiet to walk on, its material also has excellent noise control properties ideal for employees not to get distracted. 

Kitchen and bathroom areas 

Vinyl flooring is perfect for both kitchens and bathrooms as it is stain and water resistant, ideal for areas that are prone to these risks. When stained with food or drink just simply wipe away the mess without worrying about permanent damages or discolouration, an incredibly easy option for office sector buildings. Available in various styles, patterns and colours to match your office, vinyl flooring can easily blend in with your office environment. 

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