Flooring design trends that are here to stay


As we approach the half way mark of 2020, a year that’s been like no other, we take a look at the design flooring trends that are here to stay even beyond 2021. 

Carpet stripes

While on paper stripy carpet may not sound all that fashionable, when put into practice this is a design trend that’s sure to withstand the test of time. Carpet exudes warmth and cosiness while a stripe pattern provides a wonderfully modern touch that will bring any room right up to date.

Concrete vinyl

With its crisp lines, gorgeous grey colour tones and unrivalled durability, concrete been a staple material for interior designers everywhere for a number of years now. While polished concrete floors may be expensive, there are a number of fantastic alternatives that give you all the look of concrete without the price tag, such a luxury vinyl flooring.

Hexagon vinyl floor tiles

If you’re looking for a floor that’s a little bit different, choose hexagon vinyl floor tiles. The unusual shape of these top-quality floor tiles is super modern and look fantastic in any room of the home and even work well in office settings. As hexagons are a shape found in nature, we can’t see this beautiful trend fading any time soon.

Real wood floors

Of course, there’s one design trend in flooring that never goes out of style – real wood floors. This decadent flooring is timelessly elegant and unrivalled in its beauty which is why we see it installed in houses and business premises time and time again. Don’t worry if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to hard wood floors however, you can get high quality imitation vinyl flooring and laminate that is so realistic you may even forget it’s not the real thing.

Light flooring shades

Light coloured floors are in demand this year and it’s not hard to see why. Light colours help to make even the smallest of rooms feel more spacious and help to keep them light and airy.  If you want to add some fun into the room to pair with your neutral flooring, try adding a pop of accent colour with painted walls or carefully chosen soft furnishings.

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