Choosing flooring for the healthcare sector


As discussed in our previous news post, our experts recommended vinyl, safety flooring and laminate floors as they’re the most popular and effective for the healthcare industry. Healthcare environments need to be hygienic and safe for the range of potential patients the business cares for. Unlike many other businesses, there are specific criteria that doctors surgeries, hospitals, and clinics must abide by.

Flooring must be durable against high user traffic from employees and patients, and it must be able to withstand heavy objects like wheelchairs and portable hospital beds. We understand that flooring must also be easy to clean and not high maintenance, as this would be a burden for an establishment in the healthcare sector. 

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Safety flooring 

Safety flooring is made of vinyl material, and is extremely flexible and is also available in four different styles; resin, rubber, smooth and sports flooring. During its manufacturing process, safety flooring is made with non-slip and soundproofing qualities, which are extremely beneficial for the leisure, retail and healthcare industries. The flooring’s surface is particularly hygienic as food and drink spills won’t be absorbed into the material, unlike other flooring options on the market.

Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring is perfect for reception or waiting room areas in a healthcare environment. For an inviting welcome into a building, laminate flooring ticks all the boxes of durability, style and longevity. You can get the look of wood flooring with laminate, but with the benefit of a non-absorbant material. This is ideal for the healthcare sector as you need a floor that won’t encourage diseases or germs inside its material. 

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