5 reasons to update office flooring


Updating an office environment doesn't have to be dramatic or costly, whether you're looking for a subtle or dramatic transformation our team are happy to help. The team have compiled 5 reasons why you should update office flooring, that include impressing your clientele to a happier workforce.

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1. Improves acoustics 

New flooring such as carpet is renowned for being not only simple and problem-free, it’s also ideal for offices due to its soundproofing properties. If your team get distracted by internal noise then new carpet flooring is the solution for your problems, its material is soft and insulated which stops noise from travelling in large spaces. 

2. Happier employees

Happy employees make a more productive environment, it’s important for offices to take this aspect into account with office furnishings and decor. Most days out of the week your employees are working in your office environment, their mood and performance could be affected by your old office flooring, especially if it’s ill-fitted or outdated. Carpet and vinyl are ideal for offices as they have sound control properties which are beneficial for open-plan offices and spaces. 

3. Saves time on cleaning

A lot of time is devoted to cleaning old flooring to make it look considerably better, whereas new flooring looks better quality 24/7 with little maintenance required. It can be easy to waste considerable amounts of time every day trying to make your old flooring look presentable, but you should save your precious time and money with more durable flooring

4. Better for your employee’s health

New office flooring not only looks better, it prevents allergies and potential illnesses that could be harbouring in your current flooring type.  Older floors can trap dust and allergens into its material, which is not ideal for employees working in your office for long periods of time. Ensure your team are working in a clean and healthy environment by updating your office flooring. 

5. Impresses clients and visitors

It’s a known fact that everyone judges, when visitors and clients are visiting your office you want them to be impressed, rather than judging negatively solely based on your old flooring. Stylish and modern flooring makes a big difference to a work environment, stained and worn vinyl, wood or carpet floors gives the impression your business doesn't care about appearances. 

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