5 Benefits of Sedna Carpets


After specialising in a wide range of residential and commercial flooring options for over 20 years, KC Carpets and Design Flooring by KC are now proud suppliers of an innovative flooring solution made from recycled sea waste material; Sedna Carpet. If you are looking for innovative flooring solutions, then read on as we uncover some of the added benefits that come with this eco-friendly carpet range.

Why choose sedna carpet?

This ground-breaking flooring is made possible thanks to the development of ECONYL regenerated nylon which, as its name suggests, is made using regenerated material such as old carpets and abandoned fishing nets.
By choosing a Sedna carpet, you’ll be actively helping to clean up the oceans, ridding them of dangerous pollutants and saving thousands of our precious sea creatures’ lives. What’s more, as the carpets are also made from other recycled materials, you will be playing your part in reducing other types of waste and reducing our reliance on landfill. Here are 5 more benefits of Sedna carpets:

1. No compromise on quality

In present times, seldom do you have to sacrifice on the standard of quality when purchasing eco-friendly products – and this premise certainly applies to Sedna carpet. Sedna carpet is a super-soft and luxurious carpet and most importantly, it is sustainable and extremely durable – meaning you can do your bit for the planet and still enjoy a high-quality carpet at home.

2. Save thousands of lives

Sedna carpets are carefully created using ECONYL yarn and when you choose them for your home, you can rest assured that you're getting a 100% recycled and eco-friendly product, and helping to save thousands of beautiful sea creatures such as sea turtles, dolphins and seals that get stuck in the life-threatening waste from which ECONYL yarn is made from.

3. Environmentally friendly

Each year abandoned fishing nets make up one tenth of all marine litter in the sea. By buying a Sedna carpet, you are truly helping make a difference by supporting the companies that are dedicated to removing harmful waste from our seas.

4. Varying colours and textures

Worried about whether Sedna will go with your new living room curtains? Think again - not only is this carpet highly durable and luxurious, but it’s also available in a range of beautiful colours and rich textures so you can create your dream look without it costing the Earth.

5. Helping the planet

Since Sedna is dedicated to doing something about the problem of plastic fishing nets dumped into the sea, by opting for this carpet, you would not only be actively helping to combat the current sea pollution environmental issue but you would be encouraging others to get involved as well, showing them that there are flooring solutions that exist which allow us to retain our own desire for comfort at home without harming the planet.

To learn more about our stunning range of Sedna carpets, available for both our commercial and residential flooring customers, contact us today on 01202 679877.

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