10 little known facts about carpet


Versatile, attractive and hard wearing, carpet is a fantastic choice of flooring but how much do you really know about this soft material that covers your home? Discover more about carpet with our 10 little known and interesting facts. 

1)    The oldest carpet in the world is the Pazryk carpet which is an incredible 2000 years old and was found in a tomb in Southern Siberia. 

2)    The saying ‘to sweep it under the rug’ means to hide a problem or unpleasantness and has been in use since the early to mid-20th century. 

3)    Salt is commonly believed to be an effective carpet cleaner that is particularly good at removing muddy foot or paw prints. 

4)    The word carpet originates from the Latin ‘carpere’ which means to pluck or pull to pieces. 

5)    With proper care, carpet can effectively improve the air quality in your home by trapping dust and allergens. 

6)    The earliest vacuum cleaners were powered by coal and took three people to operate them. 

7)    The first reference to a red carpet, the traditional colour for marking the entrance of important people, can be found in the ancient Greek play Agamemnon by Aeschylus which was written in 458 BC. 

8)    The most expensive carpet ever sold was a 17th century antique Persian carpet which fetched an extraordinary $33 million.

9)    One of the most popular Disney songs ever, ‘A Whole New World’, involves carpet. The song won an Oscar and a Grammy. 

10)   According to the Guinness World Records, the biggest hand-woven carpet in existence measures an incredible 5630m² and was made for the Abu Dhabi mosque. 

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