Water park flooring installation - Poole

We were approached by Splashdown water park in Poole as they required a high-quality, slip-resistant flooring solution to replace the existing flooring that had become worn and lost its water-resistant seal.

Our Solution
To fulfil the requirements of the client, we provided a full flooring refurbishment. Our flooring specialists installed running cove work that was expertly welded and sealed to ensure full water resistance and therefore a durable and long-lasting finish. The safety flooring we supplied and installed provided a slip-resistant surface for visitors and staff at the indoor water park. We understood that the safety of customers was of paramount importance to the leisure business and so went above and beyond to fulfil this requirement.
Upon completion of the water park safety flooring installation, the client was very happy with the result and the standard of workmanship demonstrated by our team. The client was particularly pleased with the speed and efficiency of our safety flooring installation and said that they were delighted that we took up and disposed of the original flooring materials.

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