School Flooring Project in Basingstoke


The Client:


Knights Brown. 

The Project: 


Oakridge School in Basingstoke, Hampshire. 

The Brief:


Knights Brown contacted us to partner with them for a school flooring project in Basingstoke. Oakridge School had recently installed a key stage 1 building separate to the school that needed high-quality flooring solutions for all six classrooms and bathrooms.

Our Solution: 


For the six classrooms our team installed durable Interface 727 carpet tiles in the colour ‘heuga’. We recommended this option as carpet tiles have been a favourite with the education sector for over 40 years due to its long-standing properties against risks from young students. School flooring needs to withstand moving furniture such as desks and chairs and busy daily foot traffic from students and teachers. Carpet tiles were the obvious choice for the classrooms and we chose the colour ‘heuga’ as it’s a simple grey that is a low maintenance and contemporary option. Our team installed carpet tiles in the classrooms, corridors and staff room.  

Always thinking one step ahead our experts recommended Gradus Boulevard 5000HD entrance matting in front the classroom doors as it acts as a light scraper for dirt removal - great for students that may have been playing outside. The entrance matting removes dirt from shoes so it’s not brought in the classroom that the carpet tiles then retain, giving teachers one less thing to worry about. 

Finally for the bathrooms we installed Altro Suprema safety flooring in the colour ‘wolf’. This solution is a non-sparkle floor so it’s very professional and suits Oakridge School’s theme. It’s hygienic so it does not harbour bacteria or germs, perfect for the education sector that doesn't want to encourage the spread of illnesses between young students, teachers and visitors of the school. 


The Results:


Our client Knights Brown were very happy with the flooring results thanks to our dedicated team. Oakridge School now has a new and stylish building to their establishment and we’re glad that the project was on time and within budget for our client. 

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