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Our team were asked to provide and install a durable new entrance carpet mat that would be long-lasting against the constant traffic by employees and guests of the office building. We were required to finish the project quickly and professionally as our team would be installing during the office’s working hours, we had to bear in mind of people entering and leaving the premises. 

Our Solution
To fulfil the requirements of the office building, we provided and installed a black and metal striped entrance mat. To ensure the foundations of the new carpet flooring was even the KC Carpets installation team used latex to level the surface for the new mat. Preparing the flooring before installation is absolutely crucial as if the foundations aren't level but anything on top will not look pristine, that’s why we take extra care to use high-quality floor surface products and employe qualified flooring specialists.

The recommended carpet choice offers a surface that could withstand the high traffic of people walking but also proving a stylish appearance that matches the building’s style. It also is hard-wearing against dirt and staining, which make the entrance mat cost-effective and the office doesn’t need a replacement for many years. The classy appearance of black and metal stripes not only makes a striking first impression when walking in, the recyclable metal strips are slip resistant for practicality.

After completion of the entrance carpet mat installation, the client was extremely pleased with the final results. The client was happy with the overall appearance of their new entrance and the modern carpet has made a dramatic transformation to the building. Our team was efficient and quick during the installation, with extra precaution of employees needing to enter and exit the through the entrance.

Flooring for an Active Office Block

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