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Do you have a question for our experts? Our team have answered the most frequently asked questions to give quick answers to our clients across Dorset and Hampshire. Whether you would like to know how to maintain your new wood flooring, or which flooring option is best for your bathroom - we can help! If your question is not answered in our informative FAQs then contact us today on 01202 679877 now. 

You should choose our services if you want a commercial or residential flooring solution that’s practical, stylish, suits your needs and fits your budget! Our team have many years of experience installing wood, carpet, vinyl, safety, and LVT flooring for the business sectors across the South. Why not browse our case studies or positive testimonials from previous clients? Or speak to a member of our friendly team on 01202 679877 we’d be happy to help!

The team at KC Carpets and Flooring have over 20 years of experience within the industry, so we have collectively gained the knowledge and skills needed to become one of the leading flooring specialists in Dorset. Our team are all CHAS registered and members of both Construction Line and the Contract Flooring Association, which ensures a professional and expert service to all customers. Find out more by contacting us on 01202 679877.

Our very own Gary Collins was also one of the co-founders and directors of Living Floors in 2007, before resigning in 2012 to concentrate on the long established KC Carpets & Flooring brand. Gary's knowledge from his own 41 years of experience have now been passed on to his family, who are proud to work alongside him at KC Carpets.


To keep your wood flooring looking its best we recommend that you regularly clean and maintain your floor to prolong its lifetime in your home or business. With solid wood flooring to keep it clean simply sweep the surface with a soft bristle brush once a day, if you have any stains or marks you would like to remove use a mop and PH neutral cleaning product - this can be done once a week. For engineered wood flooring the maintenance routine is the same, only make sure to use a flat bottomed mop so water doesn't accumulate.

Wood flooring does change colour over time dependant on its environment if the floor is in direct sunlight the colour will eventually start to become lighter. Each wood flooring option is different in regards to species and therefore how sensitive it is to light. Keep in mind that your floor won't look the same after 20 years compared to when you first bought it!

Safety flooring is a non-slip and hygienic flooring solution from the brand Tarkett. The floor is made of vinyl, silicon carbide, quartz and aluminium oxides to give it’s safety properties and reduces the risk of slip and fall accidents. Safety flooring is essential in the healthcare and educational sectors as it prevents the spread of germs or bacteria, keeping the safety of patients and students a top priority. Find out more about safety flooring by checking out our range, or contact us on 01202 679877.

Vinyl flooring is continuously recommended for a bathroom or wet room environment, as it’s the only flooring solution that doesn't warp or change when in contact with water. We stock popular brands such as Amtico, Karndean, Tarkett, Forbo and Quick Step to give our customers a variety of styles, colours, textures and patterns. Vinyl flooring has been designed for maximum strength, stability and durability, contact our team to find out more on 01202 679877!


Many people wonder what the noticeable differences are between laminate and wood flooring are. Simply put visually there isn't much difference, but it’s their materials and manufacturing process that makes the floors vastly different. Laminate flooring contains four layers including one 3D high-resolution image of real wood or tiles, its multiple moisture resistant, non-warping, and wear-resistant layers give it a 25-year warranty from the brand Quick Step. Whereas wood flooring is made of 100% natural wood and can last a lifetime in a property if regularly maintained. If you still are unsure on the differences why not contact us today! 

With Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) you can get the exact look of wood, tile or stone flooring without the increase price tag! Made from multiple compressed layers containing PVC vinyl, this flooring solution is ideal for commercial environments and offices. One of the biggest benefits LVT provides is that is a tile is damaged you don’t need an entire flooring replacement, our expert team can just replace the one tile - saving you time and money in the future. We thoroughly recommend LVT for an office environment, if you still need convincing contact us today on 01202 679877.

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